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Are you ready to be the change that you need in your life? 

I am here to help you through healthy thinking, healthy living and exercise transform your life. The road is not going to be easy, but you will not be traveling it alone.  I will guide you along the way. 

Together we will identify and remove roadblocks to your success.  We will build a new road and together we will navigate the road to your healthier and happier life! 

Are you ready to start the journey?

Meet Angela

Professional Counselor and Empowerment Coach

It has taken me years and a whole lot of work to finally feel comfortable in my own skin, to realize my inner beauty, to recognize and embrace my strength. My life has been filled with many life-changing events, but three events led me to become who I am today. The loss of my mother to a stroke when I was 13, the loss of my brother to suicide when I was 21 and the discovery at 24 that when I ran or exercised, I felt empowered to overcome all my pain and any obstacle that life brought my way. I was able to heal the wounds of my past and press towards my future. Today, I strive to empower people to overcome their obstacles through counseling, training or both.  I have done the work, both professionally and personally and I am willing and ready to help you become your greatest "YOU". You are stronger than you would ever think and more powerful than you could ever believe.

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I am a NASM Master Trainer which includes certifications as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) and Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I have owned and operated The Body Principle Personal and Group Training Studio since 2008.

As a personal trainer, I create customized fitness programs for individuals and small groups that improve core stabilization, muscular strength and endurance, and cardiorespiratory efficiency.  Over the years, I have trained clients of all different ages and fitness levels ranging from professional athletes to housewives.  Additionally, I have trained clients with more specific issues such as Parkinson’s, aortic stenosis, and paralysis following ischemic stroke.  As a performance enhancement specialist, I have the expertise and experience to help any athlete or weekend warrior improve their flexibility, speed, agility and overall performance.  As a corrective exercise specialist, I identify and correct muscles imbalances that can lead to improper movement and injuries.  As a fitness nutrition specialist, I assist clients in identifying unhealthy food habits, establish healthier eating patterns, and form a better understanding and relationship with food.  I have assisted clients in the attainment of their fitness and lifestyle goals for over 20 years.

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I have a Master of Arts in Counseling from Oakland University in Rochester, MI.  I also have a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA.  Additionally, I have a Master of Science in Business Management from Walsh College in Troy, MI.  I performed individual, couple, and group counseling as a Practicum counselor at Oakland University.  I also completed a professional psychology internship at Perspectives of Troy counseling center in Troy, MI in which I provided individual, couple, and group counseling services.

I am a nationally certified counselor (NCC) and a Limited Licensed Professional Counselor (LLPC).  As a professional counselor, I use appropriate therapeutic approaches to assist clients in the exploration of feelings, thoughts, behaviors and experiences.  I help clients bring about necessary changes through personal exploration and more effective life decisions.

I provide both comprehensive fitness programming and counseling services to individuals, couples, families and groups.  My counseling approach is based on cognitive-behavioral, solution focused, reality and person-centered theories and techniques.

My goal is to help my clients achieve their fitness and life goals.  Inspired by the sudden death of my mother at age 42, it has become my life mission to help others become mentally and physically healthy. I strive to not only empower my clients but to also help them become the best expressions of themselves.

I have also had the great honor to share my work with other mental health professionals through various interactive workshops at Oakland Schools, the Southeastern Michigan Parenting Conference presented by CARE and the Trauma Informed Care Conference presented by Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network.

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Integrated Health Expert & Motivational Speaker

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Throughout the years, I have been granted the opportunity to share my passion for health and fitness, demonstrate proper form and techniques as well as various training methods to the community via television, business presentations and studio workshops.

As a fitness presenter for the Detroit Health Empowerment Project and American Heart Association, I motivated people to think seriously about their health and inspire them to make better lifestyle choices.  As a fitness expert on television, I demonstrated proper exercise form and technique to viewers.  Additionally, as a health and fitness presenter to Oakland Schools of Michigan, I educated employees about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and encouraged them to make healthier decisions.  I also taught basic anatomy, nutrition and exercise techniques and introduced careers in the health and fitness industry to teens and young adults in the Grow Detroit’s Young Talent (GDYT) Summer Youth Employment Program.

I have been able to share my passion for mental, nutritional and physical health through numerous speaking opportunities as the keynote speaker at the Orion Women In Business Conference and Winning Women Southeast Michigan Empowerment Event as well as a panel speaker at the Auburn Hills Women in Business Beyond Balanced event.

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Radio Host

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My radio show is called Empowered with Angela T. Moore and it airs every Sunday from 1-3 p.m. on 910AM Superstation. I am an Integrated Health Expert and Empowerment Coach educating and empowering individuals to prioritize their mental, nutritional and physical health. I also interview individuals and/or organizations that support the empowered life—a life of mental, nutritional, and physical wellbeing.  By interviewing medical and mental health professionals, experts in wellness and prevention, activists and advocates, educators and motivators, listeners are inspired to be the change they want in their lives and in their communities.  


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Empowerment Coach

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Empowerment Coaching

A comprehensive approach to creating an empowered lifestyle program for individuals and groups seeking to make changes in their lives.  An empowerment coaching program includes: 

  • Physical Education and Customized Fitness Training
  • Mental Education, Guidance and Support
  • Nutrition Education, Guidance and Support

Empowerment Workshops

  • Finding Joy in the Mourning-Overcoming Grief and Loss
  • From the Inside Out-Conquering Internal and External Obstacles to Success
  • Be Anxious for Nothing-Learning How to Reduce Anxiety through Prayer and Gratitude
  • The Act of Forgiveness-The What, The Why The How to Forgive
  • Essential Components of a Healthy Lifestyle
  • How to Live an Empowered Life
  • How to Create an Empowered Workspace

Empowerment Programs

  • Propel Youth Empowerment
  • Healing the Hurting Daughter
  • Strengthening the Wounded Son

Empowerment in Action

Empowering Groups

One Group at a Time!

Empowering Kids

One Kid at a Time!

Empowered by Others

Celebrating others!

Empowering Through Education

Nurturing the Mind and the Body!


I will help you become the best YOU!