Angela T. Moore

What do a trainer, a therapist and a radio personality have in common? Angela T Moore. Angela T Moore is an engaging, authentic, and dynamic speaker who connects with audiences and provides practical strategies that help people grow and thrive.


Angela’s dynamic style incorporates her three strengths that come from being a trainer, a therapist and a radio personality. Angela is unlike any speaker in that she is able to engage audiences through physical movement and obstacle defeating mental health strategies.


Angela’s speaking engagements integrate workouts combining her two strengths: fitness and mental health. Sharing her personal experiences and hardships, Angela explains what saved her: running track and the journey that led to her success.


Angela’s speaking engagements are entertaining and meaningful. Her unique technique inspires people to move and take action in their personal and professional lives.


Most famous for her FIX IT METHOD, Angela teaches universal tools and ways to empower individuals and teams. The FIX IT METHOD is a life-changing approach crafted by Angela T. Moore.

Virtual Events

Angela provides her services and impactful motivational speaking through webinars and other virtual platforms.

In-Person Events

Angela provides impactful and moving keynote speeches and experiential workshops for large and small audiences.


Throughout our lives, we are led to believe that we have no control over our lives.

-If we wake up and feel tired, then we start the day tired.

-If we get into an argument with our spouse, we feel guilty for unkind words spoken.

-If we yell at our kids, we feel ashamed for a raised voice.

-And when we arrive late at work, then we feel irresponsible for the inability to appropriately manage time.

-These negative feelings permeate through the rest of the day, contaminate interactions with others, negatively impact our work, decreases our performance, and makes us feel bad about ourselves. -We get in our cars, drive home stressed and tense, annoyed by traffic, and reenter our homes frustrated.


Does this sound like your life?


Most of the time, we go through our daily lives aimlessly, failing to recognize the many opportunities for growth. We live each day not understanding the significance and the power of our actions and fail to recognize that each action is leading to a desired or undesired outcome.


But we have the power to determine our own stories. Not only do we have the ability to write the pages of our own books, but we also have the ability to edit as the story unfolds and determine how each chapter ends. What if we had a new way to “set” our minds each day to be and do better and to make intentional life-transforming decisions throughout the day that overtime would radically change our lives for the better? Would you want to know how?


The FIX IT METHOD is a life-changing approach crafted by Angela T. Moore. Using the FIX IT METHOD, Angela teaches strategies to success and purpose driven individuals to radically transform their lives to live on purpose and succeed in every aspect of their lives.


After a childhood of neglect, abuse, trauma, and significant loss, the “journey to change” started when Angela was 18. On the verge of flunking out of a prestigious university, broken, lost, and falling fast, Angela realized after a “spiritual encounter” in her dorm room that she was loved, powerful and strong enough to create change in her life. However, she quickly realized that the challenges of her past had caused her to unconsciously create challenges in her present and that she was sabotaging her future. She knew that she had to make changes in her life and fix areas of her life that needed to be fixed however, she was going to have to do the work. And the “work” would have to be done each and every day and in every aspect of her life.


And every day since, Angela identifies any aspect of her life that needs to be fixed and implements strategies to “fix it.”

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