The Power of Words

After a run on a cold rainy day-Angela T. Moore

In the 10th grade, I went out for the high school track team. This was after a period of grieving that had left me feeling hopeless and alone. For years I had struggled with not having a relationship with my father. My mother had died from a massive stroke. I was separated from my brothers, and though it may seem silly to some, I was grieving over a dog that I had been forced to abandon. I was living in a home and attending a school that seemed safe but strange. 

To this day, I don’t know what led me on to the track that day. As I stepped on to the cinder track, I didn’t know that it would unlock the key to my future; that it would open the door to opportunities I had not thought to dream. After I ran a few times, the track coach came up to me and said, “You are going to get a full track scholarship to school.” I doubt the track coach knew that those words changed my life. Those words changed how I saw myself and the world around me. “Words have power. Their meaning crystallizes perceptions that shape our beliefs, drive our behavior, and ultimately, create our world.” Dr. Habib Sadeghi 

Those words gave me hope for a future. Each step on the track became a step towards a higher purpose that I could not see at the time. Since then I have run through every obstacle in my life. I share this story because I want to inspire you to use your words to not only empower others but to empower yourself. Whenever you recognize a talent or gift in someone, tell them what you see and empower them. And most importantly, when you recognize a talent or gift in yourself, let it drive you to nurture that talent or gift and use it to create the world that you ultimately want to live in.