Do You Ever Wake Up TIred and Unmotivated?

After a run on a cold rainy day-Angela T. Moore

That is exactly how my day started. I had trouble falling asleep last night and still woke up early. As I started my day, I thought about the goals that I had previously set for myself and the likelihood or unlikelihood that those goals would be accomplished. After some thought, I realized the only thing keeping me from achieving those goals was me.

After thought and reflection

This realization spawned additional thought and reflection. I thought about the many instances in my life when I felt tired and wanted to quit, but did it anyway. Then I realized in looking back over my life that all those times of “doing it anyway” have added up.

Doing what is necessary

Overtime, doing what was necessary regardless of how I felt have led to many successes in my life. So, as I finish this message that I honestly did not feel like writing, I say to you, “WHENEVER YOU FEEL TIRED AND UNMOTIVATED, YET YOU KNOW YOU HAVE IMPORTANT WORK TO DO, DO IT ANYWAY!”