Hi I’m Angela, an Empowerment Coach and NASM Master Trainer. For over two decades, I have assisted people and organizations in the attainment of their fitness and life goals while motivating them to live a more powerful and healthier life.


Online Fitness Session

Fitness session in the form of a bootcamp or HIIT exercise or kick boxing or workout to benefit and help support not for profit organizations that are dear to Angela T. Moore’s heart. The workout includes warm up & cool down and does not require any equipment. The workout includes an introductory session of Angela talking about the organization to bring awareness and how her personal story relates to the organization.


FREQUENCY: 1 per month

PRICE: $20 or more

Will be donated to the organization

DURATION: 1 hour


Integrative Health Assessment

The Integrative Health Assessment provides a personalized view of an individual’s current mental state, nutritional status, and level of physical fitness.  A personalized view of an individual’s current state of “health” allows for the creation of personalized programming that supports the actual needs and goals of that individual.


During the assessment phase clients complete an integrative health questionnaire and receive an integrative—mental, nutritional and physical health assessment to determine their current mental state, nutritional status and current level of physical fitness.


FREQUENCY: Recommended at least once a year

PRICE: $195

DURATION: 1 1/2  hour


8-week Program

Duration: 8 weeks


STRONG is Angela’s 8-Week complete mind and body transformation program that she was created just for women struggling to become and love their authentic self.  In the STRONG 8-Week Program participants will learn how to:


• Develop Mental and Physical Stamina and Strength

• Find Worth in Natural Talents, Instinct and Abilities

• Develop Healthy Supportive Relationships • Create, Identify, and Maximize Opportunities

• Nourish and Nurture the Body with Nutritional Foods and Natural Living

• Set Achievable Goals In All Aspects of Life


FREQUENCY: Required for your success

PRICE: $495

DURATION: 8 weeks



Angela T. Moore Platform

The Angela T. Moore Platform is the perfect way to continue your journey to health.


This subscription-based platform includes:

• A library of workout videos

• Weekly motivational videos

• Mental health workshops

• Monthly fitness and wellness challenges


Workout videos

Weekly tips




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