Safe Holiday Travels, Alzheimer’s, Safe Housing, and Smoking Cessation

Learn how to travel safely during the holidays. Have all your questions answered about Alzheimer’s. Learn about safe housing, health, and well-being. Discover ways to achieve a smoke-free life.

Staying Healthy, Fighting Diabetes, Homeless Youth & Our Veterans

Learn ways to stay healthy and safe during the holidays. Discover healthy lifestyle habits to prevent or manage diabetes. Learn about the needs of homeless and street-connected youth and veterans.

Helping the Underserved, Investing in Neighborhoods & Growing Money

Learn about efforts to boost vaccine confidence and increase COVID-19 and flu vaccination rates in underserved communities. Discover a revolutionary strategy to grow your money tax-free and risk-free.

Grief Support for Grieving Families and Helping Women Move to Purpose

Learn about grief support for grieving children, teens, young adults, and families. Also, discover ways to see your gifts, talents, and unique beauty to embrace yourself and move from pain to purpose.

Multiple Sclerosis, New Treatment Options, and The Fast Brain Leader

There is hope for people with Multiple Sclerosis and life-changing treatment options. There is also a new breed of shared purpose leadership that has emerged from the pandemic, the “Fast-brain Leader.”

Helping People Thrive, Preparing Kids for Back-to-School, and COVID-19

Learn about housing for seniors and resettlement programs for Afghan refugees. Hear ways to prepare your child for a healthy and safe school year. Learn about COVID-19, the Delta variant and the vaccine.

Social Determinants of Health, Financial Wellness and Vegan Cuisine

Social factors such as access to healthy food, transportation and financial security impact health outcomes.  Financial wellness is achieved through education.  And vegan cuisine is tasty and healthy.

Empowering Employees and Leveling the Playing Field

What are the top considerations and best strategies for a successful return back to work?  Also, we often limit ourselves by the world’s perception of our value.  How can we level the playing field?  

Have You Heard of ACES or Adverse Childhood Experiences?

ACES are potentially traumatic events that occur in childhood. There are programming and funding efforts to prevent or reduce the risk of trauma from ACEs to improve health outcomes among children.

Emotional Intelligence, Bold Communication and Collective Giving

Emotional intelligence helps us navigate powerfully through our lives. We also need to communicate boldly and effectively with others.  And tremendous impact occurs when we collectively give.

Helping Youth and Communities Thrive and Helping Through Grief and Loss

By working together, organizations can help youth, families and ultimately communities thrive.  Also, people who have suffered loss don’t have to suffer alone.  They can heal with others.

Trauma and Mental Wellness in the African American Community

PTSD and trauma affect more people than just combat soldiers and victims of violent crimes.  Addressing mental health is important and especially challenging in the Black community.  There is hope.

An Intentional Life, Thriving in Chaos, and Improving Health Outcomes

We can act on our intentions and live life fully on purpose.  Nothing has to stop us.  We can also find ways to thrive during uncertain times and make a difference in the lives of others.

Social Factors, Staying Fit During the Pandemic and Binge Eating Disorder

Health inequities negatively impact overall health and wellbeing.  Passion and purpose can be fulfilled in a business that helps others.  Healthy eating is an essential part of a healthy life.

Inclusive and Diverse Workplaces and Optimal Health at Home or the Gym

Diversity and inclusion are not the same thing. It is the important to create a workplace that is not only diverse, but also inclusive.  Also, there are numerous health benefits to circuit training.

Improving the Physical and Mental Health of our Communities

Everyone should have access to safe ways to be physically and mentally healthy.  We can improve the mental and physical health of our communities through strategic partnerships and advocacy.

Tips to improve Financial Wellness and Ways to Overcome Obstacles

You can overcome financial hardship and plan for financial wellness with the right financial strategies.  We all have the power within ourselves to overcome any obstacle.  Nothing has to stop us.

Helping Entrepreneurs Grow, Encouraging Youth, and Supporting Men’s Health

Entrepreneurs can grow their faith and their business one seed at a time. Underrepresented youth can succeed in careers in STEM. Health disparities in men can be addressed by accessible health care.

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