Author: Angela Moore

After a run on a cold rainy day-Angela T. Moore That is exactly how my day started. I had trouble falling asleep last night and still woke up early. As I started my day, I thought about the goals that I had previously set for myself and the likelihood or unlikelihood that those goals would be accomplished. After some thought, I realized the only thing keeping me from achieving those goals was me. After thought and reflection This realization spawned additional thought and reflection. I thought about the many instances in my life

- To say this year has been a stressful year is truly an underestimate. We are stressed more than ever. Unfortunately, during stressful times, we often eliminate those things that could alleviate our stress. WHAT ARE SOME SIMPLE WAYS TO REDUCE STRESS? Start the day by setting your mind with prayer or meditation. A positive mindset does not always naturally happen. Sometimes you have to intentionally shift your mind to a more optimistic way of thinking. Set the mind each morning towards positivity. Consume healthy and energy sustaining foods and beverages throughout the day. Fresh fruits, vegetables,

- Ironically, this was a question that was asked in a recent Bible study. It made me think about what I have seen over and over again as a therapist and definitely as a business professional. IN THE CONSTANT STRIVING TO GET TO THE TOP, THERE IS A TENDENCY TO DROP IMPORTANT PEOPLE AND THINGS TO THE BOTTOM. Are you striving so much for success that you are sacrificing the people and things that are necessary for “true success?” We work longer hours, take more phone calls, and schedule more meetings because we believe

- That was the thought that came to mind recently when I felt the need to justify my fees after submitting a proposal. There I was after decades in my industry, multiple degrees and certifications, numerous honors and awards, and years of experience explaining my rates. Then I realized I was doing myself a major disservice. Why did I feel the need to justify what I have rightfully earned?  HAVE YOU EVER FELT THE NEED TO JUSTIFY HOW MUCH YOU ARE WORTH? The fact of the matter is that every class that you ever attended,

- After many hours of working at home the other day, I felt the need to get some fresh air. I had been providing support to my clients online throughout the day and was looking for a way to release and rejuvenate. So I covered my head, put on my running shoes and went for a run. During my run, something amazing happened! My epiphany during my run As I was running, I recognized that because my head was covered in such a way that I could not see the hills ahead of

- I had to remind myself of this recently as I looked at my Google Calendar and realized that I had done exactly what I advise my clients to NEVER do, OVERSCHEDULE AND OVERCOMMIT my time! I was shocked! WHY? Because I learned a long time ago the value of doing NOTHING! YES, DOING NOTHING! Doing nothing is an essential part of growth. It is only when you stop that you grow and become stronger. YOUR STRENGTH IS IN STANDING STILL!  Not, always moving. We often associate progress with movement. However, you have to stop long enough to

- One of the many ways that I have been able to maintain peace in the chaos is running. Running is not only a form of exercise but a time of reflection and most importantly a time of spiritual connection. THE BEAUTIFUL UNPREDICTABILITY OF LIFE During my runs, I often think about life and the “beautiful unpredictability” of it! You don’t know what each day will bring and that makes life beautiful. It makes me think about when I go for a run on a path that I have never run before. I have

- As I was exercising one day, I looked down and gave serious thought to what my t-shirt said, "Fall in love with YOU" and I realized that I had. I had fallen in love with the most important person in my life, ME. I developed this "self-love" by accepting and celebrating everything—the good and the not so good that makes me uniquely me and I have intentionally presented it to the world. AFTER A LOT OF HARD WORK This self-love developed after a lot of hard work. I have had to accept those aspects of

- Here are a few keys to unlock the door to your overall health! Key 1: Balance negative stress with positivity. *It is especially important during chaotic times to have fun on purpose. Continue to do the things that bring you joy even if they have to be modified. Also, limit your exposure to sources of negative stress—news, social media, etc. Key 2: Follow a balanced nutrient dense eating plan. *We tend to gravitate to comfort foods when we feel stressed and overwhelmed. The best way to avoid comfort eating is to have a healthy

- This has been a reoccurring thought. Be who you truly are! One of the most rewarding areas of growth in my life has been the recognition that in order to truly succeed in life and be happy, I had to become happy with me and not be afraid to present who I truly am to the world. This applies to everything that I do! Whether I am walking into my house or walking into my office, the person that walks through those doors is authentically Angela. Who she is and everything about