You Will Have a Good Day 1.     Wake up and say thank you for another day and a chance to do better than the day before. Every day is a gift and another opportunity to improve in every area of your life. 2.     Decide that you will bring positive energy into every room that you enter. Make the decision to be the light in the room even when you are in a dark place. 3.     Accept the things that you cannot change and be proactive about the things that you can. There are things in life that we cannot

After a run on a cold rainy day-Angela T. Moore In the 10th grade, I went out for the high school track team. This was after a period of grieving that had left me feeling hopeless and alone. For years I had struggled with not having a relationship with my father. My mother had died from a massive stroke. I was separated from my brothers, and though it may seem silly to some, I was grieving over a dog that I had been forced to abandon. I was living in a home