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“I have done both the personal and professional work to get to this place in my life,” Angela T. Moore People might sign up for classes at The Body Principle with hopes for a smaller waist or bigger biceps. While those are definite perks of regularly attending and putting in the work, founder and owner Angela Moore said her clients are much more likely to thank her for helping them get through tough life issues. That interplay between exercise, nutrition and mental health is at the core of the Orion-based integrated health studio. Moore’s Zen spirit

Featured on PFP Personal Fitness Professional Fit-Pro December 2019 PFP Trainer of the Month After a run on a cold rainy day-Angela T. Moore Angela Moore, our December 2019 PFP Trainer of the Month winner, has empowered countless individuals far beyond exercise. She is a fitness presenter for the Detroit Health Empowerment Project and American Heart Association, a fitness expert on television and radio show host, and a health and fitness presenter to Oakland Schools of Michigan. She is the creator of the Propel℠ Youth Empowerment Program designed to improve the self-esteem, self-confidence